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The heart, soul, and brains behind the Vegan Recipe Browser is a husband and wife team, together for more than 10 years and vegan for over 8.

Throughout the years, we experimented with different recipes but found ourselves struggling for inspiration.

Fortunately, both of us are experienced software developers and that’s how we came with the idea for the Vegan Recipe Browser. The app is more than just a culmination of our two passions or a side project: it is us finally giving back to the vegan community as we have always dreamed of doing.

We developed the Vegan Recipe Browser to help others like us discover easy-to-make, tasty vegan dishes and make going vegan easier and more hassle-free than ever. With its vast selection of meat- and dairy-free recipes, the app makes staying on track easier than a breeze and simplifies the process of coming from a standard diet and going vegan.

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