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The Vegan Recipe Browser’s library is constantly growing and we are always on the lookout for new delicious animal- and dairy-free meals. We are especially looking to partner with vegan recipe blogs and websites so your mouth-watering masterpieces can reach the vegan community more easily. 

To submit your recipe blog to the Vegan Recipe Browser, all you need to do is give us permission to crawl your website and use your recipes in our app. Our system will then extract all necessary information, including recipe title, ingredients, and a complimentary image. It’s absolutely free!

Our database only includes the following items: 

  • Photo
  • Recipe title
  • Ingredient list
  • Recipe author
  • A link to the original recipe 

Submitting a recipe to the Vegan Recipe Browser is not only a simple way to give back to the vegan community but also a fantastic way to gain exposure and more traffic for your channel, blog or website. We take copyright very seriously so your name will appear on every recipe that comes from your website, along with the link to the original page so our users can reach you.

Before submitting your recipes, make sure you are in power to give us permission to use the above mentioned data from your website (1 photo, recipe title, ingredient list, your name). Please make sure you own the copyright of the images that appear in your recipes or you are allowed to give us permission to use them. It is your responsibility to inform us now or in the future of any recipes which should be removed from Vegan Recipe Browser.

We update our recipe library once a month to ensure all of your latest recipes are accessible and up-to-date. Shortly after your approval, our automatic crawler will probably visit your page a few more times to make sure we get all the data we need – the Vegan Recipe Browser is still a youngling, so we are always tweaking and developing to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.  

Not happy with the Vegan Recipe Browser? We’re sad to see you go but if you’d like to remove a recipe from our database, simply let us know and we will take it down immediately – no hassle here. 

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